Interview with Professor Diane Levin: American Children & War

Join us in watching this thought-provoking new video on our YouTube channel, an Interview with Wheelock Professor Diane Levin!

Interviewed by Producer Susan Hackley, of a Child’s Guide to War, Professor Diane Levin talks about the impact of war on American children and how we can talk to them about it.

Diane Levin, Ph.D., is Professor of Education at Wheelock College and an international expert on early childhood education. Her professional expertise and interests focus on issues related to promoting children’s play, the impact of media and media violence, violence prevention, and peacebuilding with children in communities affected by war and conflict. For over 25 years, Levin has worked with early childhood professionals, parents and policy makers. She has published nine books, including From Conflict to Peacebuilding: The Power of Early Childhood Initiatives and Teaching Young Children in Violent Times. She co-wrote The ‘So Far’ Guide for Helping Children and Youth Cope with the Deployment of a Parent in the Military Reserves.