How has war changed you? Join the open mike in Kokomo, Indiana on June 14th at 7pm. Details below.

Join us for a community gathering to talk about war. This event will be led by Silouan Green, veteran and author, and Susan Hackley, documentary film producer, and it is open to everyone free of charge. We invite veterans, soldiers, liberals, conservatives, independents, pacifists, parents and siblings – and anyone else with something to say about war.

When a nation goes to war, a nation should have a conversation on why we fight, how we fight, and what we do when the fighting stops and our troops come home. Never before have so few served relative to the general population, and to many Americans the wars are all but invisible.

This Conversation about War is our first step in making sure that all Americans can express their thoughts about war and ask questions in an environment of respect and curiosity. This is for everyone. We hope you will come.

Tuesday, June 14, 7 PM.

Inventrek Technology Park Auditorium
700 East Firmin Street
Kokomo, Indiana 46902

Have friends or family in Indiana? Let them know about this exciting event!