How can we talk about war? What do our children think about war?


A Child’s Guide to War is a documentary film project that is helping to bridge the civilian–military divide in the United States.

A wide gulf exists in America between those who have served in the military and their families and those who haven’t. While respect for the military is high, real knowledge is not.

Through the film, a public television program, teaching materials and public meetings we are hosting, we will help Americans better understand the role of the military in our democracy and the role of civilians in understanding, respecting and appreciating the service of those who solemnly swear to protect our country.

Why this is important:

We want civilians to feel included in discussions about military service and war, and we want soldiers, veterans and their families to feel supported by civilians. We believe that every American has an ownership role in our wars and our military.

Those of us who are not in the military have a duty to know, understand and value our soldiers, including those who come back from war and those who don’t. Civilian Americans need to remember that it is our elected leaders who choose where and when to go to war; our soldiers take an oath and go to fight where we send them.

Be part of this movement:

As part of this project, we are hosting discussions entitled “Why is it hard to talk about war? Bridging the civilian–military divide.” We are producing A Child’s Guide to War, a documentary film about the impact of war on America’s children and families. We are also producing a program for public television about military families in Indiana.

While less than one percent of Americans serve in the military, nearly two million American children have a parent who has served in Iraq or Afghanistan. For all American children age 13 or younger, our country has been at war their entire lives. What have military children and families experienced? How do we hear their stories, learn from them, and connect to them? How can we bridge the civilian-military divide?

This project will address these important issues and invite all Americans to join in  the conversation.

Your donation – in any amount – will help complete an important documentary film and ignite meaningful discussions. Thank you for your support!



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